5. June 2016

Agility - Norwegian Championship in Drammen 2016 

 3rd place and bronze for our team!


21. February 2016

The Goalgetters

Betty, Mira and Duga in 2007 


7.January 2016

Happy New Year

This happened in 2015

Keira Got 5 new titles, in obedience, agility and conformation

Gizzy got two new titles in conformation

Mira got one title in agility

Enya got best in show puppy in the briard specialty 

Two Goalgetters hips are excellent 





26. August 2015

 NUCH AG1 AGH1 Goalgetter No.4 Hope For The Future, "Keira"

Obedience competition:


1st prize, 2nd Place

Judge: Svein Stangeland



 26. July 2015 

New Norwegian Champion! 

Plus new Titles in Agility

NUCH AGHI AGI Goalgetter No. 4 Hope For The Future, "Keira"


 Lilly's daughter

Goalgetter No.5 Houston Energy, alias Enya (6 months old). 


BOB x3, 2nd BOG x2 

BEST IN SHOW at the Norwegian Briard Specialty!

She also got BOB and BIS puppy at seven months old (Karmøy dog Club).



The puppies are growing. This is Texas 5 month old.


12. December 2014 


13. November 2014


28. October 2014

Litter No. 5 will soon be born!


 AMCH BIS IntBAch NatBAch IntJHAch NatJHAch

Goalgetter No. 3 Elli's Secret In USA, Lilly CD RE CGC

NUCH DKUCH KBHW 13 Top Wesselton Born To Win, Djengis



19. October 2014

Start doing Agility with Keira in a beginner class in May. We are having so much fun with this girl! Last weekend she got a 1st place, a 2nd place, and a 3rd place! 

Looking forward to continue with this marvelous Briard!


6. July 2014 


NEW Champion,

NUCH Goalgetter No.3 Play Up Pompey, alias Liam 


28. May 2014


Keira's hips results is Excellent! She got A !


If you are interested in a puppy, here is the ad in Norwegian.



14. March 2014

9. December 2013 



CH "Lilly" showed agility skills this weekend with 3 New titles from AKC  

NA - Novice Agility,

NJ - Novice Jumpers

NF - Novice Fast

Pictures is from when she became Best of the Best, winning BEST IN SHOW only 16 month old (IABCA)

.................................................. 21. Mai 2013 ................................................... 

Gizzy and Hampuz

.................................................. 29. March 2013 ................................................... 

Congratulation to owner Monica with past BH test and LP1 title on Goalgetter No. 3 ManU's Mrs Giggs (Gizzy is to the left on the picture) and Congratulation on Lp 3 Results on your male, Hampuz as well!


.................................................. 4. March 2013 ...................................................

  Read more about Lilly on planned litter, #5

............................................... 22. January 2013 ................................................... 

I had a typo on Leon's birth date, he was born in July. 

Leon with a bad hips dyspepsia became one of the oldest one in the litter.  

Thank you so much to the family Groenfur Aadland that took so good care of him all these years! I'm so sorry for your loss!


............................................... 30. December 2012 ................................................... 

Today we are celebrating Mira's Birthday! 



 Merry Christmas




Mira and Sage

was born 30. November 2012  

If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to follow our puppy blog

"Puppies at Kennel Goalgetter"


 20. November 2012

This is the dad of Goalgetter litter  No. 4, that will be born next week !

Sage will be on NBC on Thanksgiving day,

(Thursday 22nd of November)

after the Macy's parade in the herding group of the national dog show. You can see him there!

Sage did a great performance and won Best of Breed and became 3rd Best of Groupe

on Best In Show Daily



to owners; Odile and Tim Smith and handler; Regina Keiter!

Only one more week and Sage's and Mira's puppies will be born in Houston Texas.


10. - 11. November 2012

Show results from Norway


Goalgetter No 3 ManU's Mrs Giggs, "Gizzy" (on the picture)

Certification, Best Of Breed in Kongsberg, Norway 



Goalgetter Play Up Pompey, "Liam"

Certification, Best Of Breed and 3rd Best Of Group at Stord, Norway 


30. September 2012


This is Liam

(Summer picture)


 24. September 2012


Born 24th of September 1996 - Desember 7. 2011



1 years ago! We celebrated her 15 birthday!

We miss both our black Birards!

Today we reminded her memory like this.

See  more pictures her.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


 11. September 2012 

Goalgetter No 3 ManU's Mrs Giggs, "Gizzy" has been showing in Norway and Sweden.

Her results:

Conformation: She has 7 excellent with two champion quality!

Obedience: She has 1 first prize (166,5 point of 200 point).

She also has a known mental status.

Take a look at  homepage for more details.

Here together with owner and handler, Monica Engebretsen. 


19. August 2012 

Another great Agility weekend for Mira!

Three new Qualified runs in Agility!


14. August 2012 

Still waiting for Mira to come into heat.

In the meantime we are doing some agility with her.

College Station, Tx

Sunday we had 6 runs and she QUALIFIED all six of them!

 Mira is absolutely the BEST agility Briard I have ever run!

She deserves titles in this sport and now she got two of them!

Regular - NAC

Tunnellers - TN-N


Video is coming up check her page for more results!


8. August 2012 


Will be remembered

(Click on the link to see the video)


3. August 2012 

Presentation video of Mira 

(Click on the link to see the video)


28. July 2012 


A happy Mira! We are still waiting for her to come in heat.


23. July 2012 

Another great weekend for the Goalgetters!

Lilly finished her Exellent title in Rally

CH Goalgetter No 3 Elli's Secret In USA CD RE CGC

Her mom, Mira did Rally with a score of 100 points!

She also got placement and high scores in Obedience this weekend!

CH Int CH NUCH Goalgetter No 2 Agains All Odds RO1 CD RN

 18. July 2012 

Happy Birthday

to the Goalgetters

in Litter No 1!


26. June. 2012 

Happy birthday





Litter No 3


Harry, Bogart, Liam, Charlie, Tex, Lilly, Gizzy, Chelsea and Joly

is turning

2 years old! 

Congratulation to the dogs and the owners of these wonderful dogs!

Mom Mira says hello and we are looking forward to have a second litter on her in near future!  


More news are coming up soon...



Best in Shows

CH Int CH NUCH Goalgetter No 2 Against All Odds RO1

~~~> <~~~> <~~~

Showdogs or do you like to do performance with a Briard?

We are planning a new litter 


CH Int CH NUCH Goalgetter No 2 Against All Odds (Mira) RO1

together with

AMCH CANCH WW2011 Fairytale's Baltazar Sage (Sage).

It's getting closer and we are expecting Mira to come in season in July 2012.

Puppies will be born in October 2012 and ready for delivering in December 2012.


I will send out an invitation to a new member blog for puppy buyers in this litter.

If you are interested to stay on a list and be invited to this member blog


Email me at


 3> 3> 3> ------ <3 <3 <3


18. February 2012 

Duga's page and results.

(Here pictured as a puppy) 


 EAC - Excellent Regular Agility

EJC - Excellent Jumpers

Duga is 10,5 years old and he's an excellent agility dog!


CDX - Companion Dog Excellent in Obedience from Desember 2011!


3. February 2012 


 Joly at the photographer (fall 2011)


We have got some excellent hip results!

A  A A  A

Goalgetter No 3 Chelsea Blues, "Chelsea"

Goalgetter No 3 Play Up Pompey, "Liam 

Goalgetter No 3 Massey Ferguson, "Charlie" 

Goalgetter No 3 Villa Player, "Joly"




1. Januar 2012 

 ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~  

Happy New Year 2012!

  ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ 

 ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ ~ * ~ * ~ 


6. Desember 2011 


Liam is on the picture, he is one of Lilly's brother in Norway.

 ~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~~ * ~ * ~

Liam, Goalgetter No 3 Play Up Pompey. After the conformation show, EXC, CERTFICATION, BOS!

Lilly came in season and couldn't do Rally and Obedience last weekend.

Duga did do obedience and he got his CDX, companion Dog Excellent title. 


19. November 2011 

New little detail on Lilly's name. 

AMCH IntBAch NatBAch Int JHAch NatJHAch

Goalgetter No 3 Elli's Secret In USA, CD, RN, RA, CGC  

 She finish in Rally Advanced and will move up to Rally Excellent.



NUCH NLCH IntAch NatAch Goalgetter No 1 Duggary, CD, RE, CGC, OAF, OA, EXJ 

did also Qualified his obedience run. He has now two legs in Open A.


12. November 2011

(I will update with some pictures in near future) 


Goalgetter No 3 Play Up Pompey, "Liam"  entered the conformation ring for his first time. He did great! Got EXCELLENT, CERTIFICATE and became BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX! 

His sister, Goalgettter No 3 ManU's Mrs Giggs, "Gizzy" also got EXCELLENT, CERTIFICATE and became BEST OF BREED at the same day but another trail!

Congratulation to Monica with Gizzy, Thomas and Elin Maria with Liam! Thank you for the good work you do with your dogs! 
Also thanks to Martha!

Their American sister, AMCH IntBAch NatBAch IntJHAch  NatJHAch Goalgetter No 3 Elli's Secret In USA, CD CGC "Lilly" did Rally this weekend and can add an extra title after her name, RN (Rally Novice) We moved her up to Rally Advanced and she qualified her first (and second) run and became second place with 99 points!

"Uncle Duga" , NUCH NLCH IntAch NatAch Goalgetter No 1 Duggary, CD, RE, OA, OF, EXJ, Got his first leg in open class obedience this morning.


6. November 2011 


Best in Show and winner of Grand Sieger

in a International Dog Show competition

(This includes champions, veterans, puppies etc!)

Best In Show Puppy/Junior

Best In Show Bred by Exhibitor

and 2 more titles! 


 Lilly can ad two more titles after this weekend:

Int JHA CH - International Jugendhund Champion

Nat JHA CH - National Jugendhund Champion

AMCH Int/NatBAch Int/NatJHAch Goalgetter No 3 Elli's Secret In USA, CD CGC


5. November 2011



Lilly, alias AMCH Int/NatBAch Goalgetter No 3 Elli's Secret In USA CD CGC,

has been at an international dog show in Houston.


25. October 2011



 Lilly's first meeting with sheeps! See video

20. October 2011 


This is Charlie, Lilly's brother living in Norway!


15. October 2011 

American Champion! 

2 x Qualified out of two possible in Rally!

New obedience title: CD - Companion Dog (AKC)

 AMCH IntBAch NatBAch Goalgetter No3 Elli's Secret In Usa CD CGC

alias Lilly,


8. October 2011 

past the Canine Good Citizen test!

First Rally competition, she Qualified with 94 points and 3rd place!

First Obedience competition, she Qualified  with 190 points! 


28. September 2011:

Mira's page, litter no.3 and upcoming events.

 24. September 2011: Photo album 

Betty is 15 years old today!

Betty's formal name is Arina. She is out of a litter of nine puppies, born on the West  coast of Norway, after a combination of American and English pedigree! She is our foundation bitch and has collected 23 titles and certifications in all kinds of dog sports!

This is the Briaid that I have done everything together with! She is a result of trying out new things and all in all we've had a lot of fun and success together! Now she is enjoing her life int he warmer clima here in Texas.

 Her titles, certificate and results from her career is:


Need an explanation to understand all the letters? See her own page.

She also has had two litters.

<3  <3  <3

20. September 2011: 

About us 


16. August 2011:

New American Champion! 

                                                     Contact information

                                                       25. August 2011

 Gizzy is doing obedience. 

This is also a way to hold the dumbbell !


6. August 2011

Duga has got a girlfriend! 

 The picture talk for it self... Desi's arrival to Houston was unfortunately too late... She was not interesting in Duga and when going to the vet, she was not in heat anymore.

31. July 2011

 Coffee and socializing!


18. July 2011

Happy Birthday my best friend, Duga and the rest of the Goalgetters in litter No.1

Today you are 10 years old!

14. -17. July 2011 

Dog show in San Antonio 2011.

Nine years after I met Lilly's Grandfather at the same show,

Sendero's Our Tornado!

 Goalgetter No.3 Elli's Secret In USA, Lilly. (Ten month old on the picture)

 * * *

11. July 2011

WORLD WINNER SHOW in Paris, France

Congratulation to Odile and Fairytale's Balthazar Le Sage with BOB, 3rd BOG, new French Champion and World Winner 2011

I met my friends from Norway. Both on the Norwegian obedience team! They did an awesome  performance!! Line and Harry qualified to the final and became number four at the end!

The Norwegian team became number two in the team competition! Sweden won with only 0,5 points more, Russia became number three!


Maren and Amira  won the qualification run on Friday, and on Sunday they became


* * * 

26. June 2011 

Happy Birthday to Goalgetter No.3, Boggie, Harry, Liam, Tex, Charlie, Lilly, Gizzy, Chelsea and Joly that is one year old today!

Here is Scout, one of Tex and Lilly's friend that is checking out the menu! 


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